• The Berlin International College (BIC) offers international and German students Pathway Programs for technical studies in Germany
  • The programs of the BIC Berlin International College are an important step on your path to academic success. They provide you with good lecture comprehension abilities and teach fundamental methodological knowledge
  • BIC offers Pathway Programs for Bachelor studies as well as for Master degree programs
  • Consequently, the education of engineers is very important in Germany. No other occupation offers comparable entry, salary and development opportunities. Therefore, it is worthwhile for students to study engineering, also and especially for interested people from abroad.
  • Tuition fees practically do not exist in Germany. International students only have to pay for their foundation year after which every other year till they graduate is tuition free
  • Major German businesses operate globally. Thus, one can work here or abroad. Moreover, due to the emerging skill shortages, the entry chances are increasing.

BIC gives you the know-how to successfully study in Germany and is located at a European hotspot – Berlin. International students are therefore exposed to the German culture and way of life while gaining knowledge of reputable note in the engineering field