Our range of services includes:

  • At all the university visits that are held at our offices plus all events, fairs, mini fairs and roadshows that we run in AMA-Dove offices provide a 100% free service to its students. AMA-Dove Nigeria Ltd provides complete counseling service, aimed at helping you to select the right university, choose the right career path, obtaining a student visa and money matters as regards tuition.
  • Guaranteed admission into top 100 universities in the world at an affordable cost. This simply means that students can get into ivy-league as we have a large network of schools and actually pay little as tuition.
  • Application processing for admission and scholarship with no hidden charges. With AMA-Dove, undergraduate students are assured of an offer letter within 48 hours of processing whilst postgraduate takes up to 2weeks.  Also, scholarship of 20%-100% of tuition fees is available to our students.
  • Discounted tuition fees when applications are made through us. Tuition can be slashed by virtue of association with AMA-Dove should a student need discount on tuition for his or her study abroad.
  • Guaranteed 100% visa success rate. Our students have no problem at embassies of countries where they have chosen to further their study because AMA-Dove has a standard that is well recognized in the education sector.